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  1. Anybody knows more about them ?
  2. Looking to find out more info on transmarket group in nyc? Are they directly connected to the cbot? I'm an experienced spread trader in treasury futures. Contact info? Any input would be helpful, thanks.
  3. I don't know all that much about transmarket group. But i've heard it's a good firm, in the league of Refco (Mac Futures).

    They specialise in trading spreads so you'd be at home there.

    I researched the Sydney office, i'm pretty sure it's the same for overseas.
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  5. tighttrigger,

    I was wondering whether you know if prop firms allow you to hold spread positions over night(s)?

    I take it that with spread trading, a trade takes atleast a couple of days.
  6. They are owned by Fortis. I know a couple of traders from the Chicago office and they like it.
  7. I appreciate ur replys. Gotmessnr, i sent u a pm about holding overnight.
  8. Hello I am a 2 year experienced Spanish trader.
    I am very interested in working as trader for Saxon or Transmarket. (only 2 prop firms in Madrid).

    I had an interview with Saxon and I understood that the relationship between the trader and the the firm is not the classic employee that is paid a fix salary... Only variable salary paid in a 50%-50% basis.

    Do you know if Transmarkt applies the same policy? Or maybe they pay some kind of fix salary?

    I apologise for my bad English. I hope you understand me.

    Thank you.
  9. I interviewed with these guys about 9 months or so ago in the NYC office and at the time there was only one guy there but he was trading pretty big (mainly spreading between the cash and futures in the Treasury market). Bob, I think is his name, who was running the office told me that a bunch of his traders left for Refco mainly because they offered a better deal. From what I remember, the standard deal that Transmarket offered was something like after 200k or 500k (don't remember which) you make for Transmarket, you get a 50/50 split after that amount. Needless to say, a pretty bad deal, Bob even told me that if I was looking for the best deal, to go to Refco. Again, this was 9 months ago, so things might have changed a lot since then.
  10. Incidentally, Bob is now the managing director at Refco and is one of the founding partners. :D
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