TransMarket Group (TMG)?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by TheoCap, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. TheoCap


    Anyone interview with TransMarket Group (TMG)?

    I'm a soon to be college grad and have an interview for a trading assistant position with them this month and would love to hear anyone's opinions/experiences with the firm and/or their interviewing process.

    Also, does anyone know their main trading style/strategy? Their site is pretty vague in describing them (understandably).

  2. woodrow


    They are a decent prop firm...Primarily Treasury cash and futures, curve trading...Not sure what they are up to recently, but Ray Cahnman is a smart guy...He telegraphed the move to the screens as well as the substatial value in CBOT memberships
  3. aureldrev



    I will probably have an interview at Transmarket In Europe in few weeks. Did you get your interview yet? In chicago I guess...How was it like? What kind of stuff you advise me to focus on when preparing?
    I'd appreciate any infos!

  4. arb707


    Any traders out there who trade for TransMarket Group or know people who do? I"m supposed to have a phone interview in a week or so, so could really use some info. They are not an arcade trading firm, right? Just collecting commishes? Do they really train you? and well? Good culture? Because that is something they mention on the website...
  5. They are legit and not a Commish house. but the curve trading has been flat and not sure if they have other trades.
  6. arb707


    Wyckoff Trader,

    THanks for your response. On their website they say they trade global markets, which I'm hoping means more than interest rate futures. But I guess I'll soon find out.

    I'm from Bergen County too!
  7. TheoCap


    Thanks a ton for the insight. I ended up never interviewing though. A few days before the interview, I received a great offer from a hedge fund back in my hometown and needless to say, I took it.

    Best of luck with the interviews everyone. Sorry I won't be able to pass any interview info to anyone else.
  8. Hi-

    I'm trying to understand where the TransMarket group stands in the grand scheme of things.

    On the one hand, I know about "prop trading firms" that put traders on a get market data and access in exchange for ticket fees.

    On the other hand, there are hedge funds, where your fund makes proprietary bets on markets...the fund collects fees, and in addition to you salary there is potential for a year-end bonus to share the profits.

    Any Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!