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    I have been trading equities for about 4 years and I think its time to move on to something else. I'm thinking about getting into bond or other types of futures trading. Can anyone give any advise on how to make the transition as easily possible. Or a company that will make an effort to teach new futures traders.
  2. Trading T-Bonds makes an incredible amount of sense.

    You can either scalp them and use the S&P futures to "key" off of most of the time, or you can trade them technically because they trend so well.

    Find a broker that is very competitive with commissions and offers a good trading platform. The rest will be up to you!

  3. I concur. Same thing for ZN. If you want a really "easy" transition you might want to try my way: From trading equities, I tried to switch to ES and NQ, and after a couple of weeks of losses I tried ZB and ZN. Suddenly I was a profitable futures trader! I still don't know if it was the contrast to the horrors of ES and NQ, but the electronic bond and 10 year note futures have always seemed extremely benign to me.
  4. The T-Bonds are one of the greatest TRENDING products out there! This is why one might find a transition to ZN and ZB much easier than going into ES, in my opinion.
  5. I have had the opposite experience

    been trading better in NQ / ES / YM

    and even YG ( mini gold ) and EUR ( euro FX )

    than ZB / ZN

    I am trying to really be more diciplined in my fixed income

    trading so I can fix my P+L :p
  6. Hello All, what are your opinions about trading forex currency pairs rather than futures ?

    On the EUR/USD, trades similar to S/P; a lot/contract has a margin requirement of $1000 – daytrade/overnight; the pip/tick value is $10; daily trading range 50-100+ pips; guaranteed fills of stops and no overloss (; free realtime price quotes and charting programs; no commissions; 24/6 market; mini-lot accounts available, $100 margin per mini-lot, $1 pip value.

    Would you agree that fx is a superior profit vehicle to trade with, or if not why not ? Wallace.
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    trading the futures is much better for intraday trading: smaller spreads and you can sit on bid and ask so why give away your money to those forex brokers ?
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    Have a look at

    2 pips on EUR/USD
    3 pips on USD/JPY
  9. Sorry Cvds16, I disagree.
    What's the spread got to do with anything unless that's what you are trying to trade. What's the purpose of sitting on the bid or ask, surely one's trading with an entry/exit price that's hit or not.
    The forex spread isn't 'given' to brokers, tho does make scalping for a few pips a problem if that's a trader's strategy.
    Intraday trading such as today's decline in the EUR/USD of a potential 100+ pips Sell during 4 hours renders the 5/3 pip spread meaningless.
    Trading Day-to-Days is also potentially very profitable with fx and is also without the disadvantages of futures trading as stated previously.
    But, each to his own. Wallace.
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    hey if you think you can make 100 pips intraday, great, i think that is just not possible on a consistant intraday basis, even if this were true i'd rather make 103 then 100 instead of giving away these 3 pips to brokers. I you can make 20-30 pips intraday per trade on a regular basis your doing great i think. My profit targets are less most of the time. Then it makes a big difference. Keeping costs down is essential to me in trading. Euro/usd futures cant be beat for my kind of trading.
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