Transition from Corporate Employment to Trading

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    How can one best utilize their time during the day while at corporate employment to further their progress towards becoming a full-time independent trader?

    What types of activites should be carried out other than actual trading assuming that isn't possible during the business day?
  2. Ideal scenario is if you can watch the market real-time during the day. If not, then go over the intraday charts when you get home and identify patterns and technical setups. I'm stuck in corporate as well but bring up TradeStation and watch the market in real-time when I can. Depending on my schedule, I'll even take a couple of trades IF they present themselves. I maintain a journal with real-time entries on days that I do place trades.

    It will take a lot of patience to learn trading while working a corporate job, and at times you will be frustrated as all hell! This is my 2nd go at it, and it's going better this time around.
  3. Trade HSI at 10pm eastern - , BUND at 3am eastern
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