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  1. This is just "Whei Wong"..."Whei, Whei, Whei Wong"
  2. So what do you think shoeshineboy??? a 2nd grader is out there to make a political statement??? Why can't you accept the fact that he really sees himself as a girl?! How would that be corruptive to our education system for god sake??? Why in gods name don't you live and let live?!

    And by the way...If such child happened to be my son's friend, I would treat him as...MY SON'S FRIEND!!!
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    just another chapter in the book

    America's Decline: 1965-2015

    and a 2nd grader is not a 'trangendered student', he's a 'f-cked up little kid', who needs private old fashioned counceling

    this sort of indulgence is cruel to him - even if he grows out of it, his classmates will never forget it
  4. Absolutely. Getting rid of bullying is a good thing, but sometimes fear of it might be useful, since the parents obviously have given up all control.

    Would you allow second graders to decide any other aspect of their lives? They don't have the judgment to buy their own clothes. Yet they must be deferred to on this? Unreal.
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    Shoe, I can't comment on this kid 'cause I don't know him. I will thus engage you generically on the topic.

    First, we would have to establish a certain baseline:

    A: Do you believe that gay/straight is totally by choice/environment ... in other words, we're all straight until/unless turned into gay?

    B: Do you believe that gay/straight is totally genetic and determined at birth?

    C: Do you believe that both situations exist and it's binary (A or B but no combination)

    D: Do you believe that A and B can happen as a continuum?


  6. ... . The "Great Society" statists destroyed America .....

    I'd like to read that book...
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    Turok, looking through my favorite forum, the one i'm most entertained by, i came across your post above. While these questions you've posed are interesting, i've wish we lived in a society where the answers were not important.
  8. i bet you and your parents covered this topic more than a few times when you were going through those awkward teen years? don't worry, no judgment here... i say live and let live. what you do with other boys is no one on ET's business.

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    Well, considering the world we live in, I actually consider the questions important. I don't think any one of those scenarios has been proven beyond doubt, so I think they're fair questions.

    If one believes that it's a choice, and if one believes that it's a morally negative choice, I can understand ones uproar over the 2nd grader.

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