Transferring energy (signals) through temporal anomalies (time) as holy grail

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  1. I had a huge fight in religion forum with people who support wars debt and extreme Zionism.

    Change of topic.
    Time for creative brainstorming.

    I am working on something far out. (I am a person against drugs, pot etc, not crazy) Keep in mind we've been to the moon too.

    What if it was possible to force an inversion of RF signals through not just space but time. Since we assume that matter can not travel through temporal/spacial anomalies. We can send energy through instead.

    If Present Johnathan can coordinate actions with Past Johnathan, data transfer may occur. Past Johnathan can then trade the information and become future Johnathan at 5 PM sending Data to another past Johnathan.

    Anomaly creation and operation has to be done at the same time which is 5 PM in this case

    See visual aid.

  2. I forgot to mention that with each data transfer I would send myself also a small txt msg saying.

    YOU DA MAN..........MAN :D
  3. Locutus


    You're not crazy? :confused:
  4. Why ?

    Why do you think I am crazy. You own a car right ?

    Last time you were on highway. You drove 80-100 MpH right.

    100 years ago if you told people how fast we will be driving. They would laugh at you.

    And if you told them man would go to the moon.

    THEY WOULD KILL YOU/ put you out of your misery.
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    I knew someone like you.....he drove his van WEST until he ran out of gas and then just started walking. eventually the butterfly net dudes got him. now he doesn't talk much ( drools alot ) and just walks around.....and around. had an iq over 140. and he was the town buiding inspector for 13 years.
    you must have alot of time on your hands.
  6. I know what's going on here. You are trying to discredit me to draw away attention that you are working on a prototype yourself.

    :D :D

    Yes sadly some people crack. Some crack because society is unjust
  7. Back to the Trillion dollar question.

    How to create a temporal anomaly.

    Clue is the following.

    Electricity, Spinning, Magnetism.
  8. I hear there are some good temporal anomalies at SN 1979C. The 50 million light year distance is the killer, though.