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  1. Hello,

    I'm moving to a country with zero corporate tax rate and 20% income tax rate in early 2020. So the reasonable way forward will be to open a Ltd and to transfer my brokerage assets from my personal account to business brokerage account.

    Is there anyway to transfer my positions from my IB individual account to IB business account without actually selling those positions? I've positions in some illiquid stuff (OTC stocks and illiquid options), so the easiest way is to transfer my positions without actually selling them.

    Thanks a lot
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    It can be done but you will have to go through compliance approval showing that the ownership is the same which will take a little time and it might also depend on the country you are moving to. The best would to be to open a ticket and make the request. Note, you won't be able to transfer certain positions (options for example) and I'm also not sure about the tax implications. If you xfer out of an individual account to a corporate, I suspect you'll have a tax liability as well to mark to market on the xfer.
  3. Really helpful, thanks a lot. I simply don't know what I would do without IB, you guys are the best!! :cool:
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