Transfering from Win 98 to XP-- What's Wrong???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Corso482, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. I burned all my mp3's from my win 98 computer, then when I put the CD's into my new XP machine, the files don't show up. It's like the XP computer can't read the files burned from the Win 98 computer? Anyone know why? How can I deal with this? Thanks to anyone who replies.

    Oh, btw, I used Easy CD Creater like I always do.
  2. Did you confirm that the CDs were created successfully on the Win98 computer?

    Is there another computer you can try them on to see if it's the XP system or if the CDs are bad?
  3. I put the CD's into the Win 98 comp that I burned them with and they read fine.
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    Not common knowledge, but true: XP transmits data about MS applications in your CPU to Microsoft. If you have pirated versions of anything of theirs, they transmit back and shut down your files. Maybe that's what happened?
  5. No, no pirated software...

    The I was putting the CD's in the DVD drive, but when I put it into the other one they read fine.

    Thanks for helping anyway guys.
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    Again, in the lisence agreement for winamp 9, read carefully the part about if you're using an unauthorized OS. And if you proceed, you'll see in the installation process something about the Windows Rights Managament being installed. Otherwise, running winamp 9 may shut down some of your files if you violate those terms.

    I only point this out in the event someone has a windows version or other MS app that they no longer can prove they have the registration of.
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    nonsense, what you are referring to is called TCPA and is not yet activated on toaday's os's.
    None of your applications will get shut down or resitricted in any way if your system is pirated

    Also nonsense