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  1. AMP chat support waiting line takes forever, let me try this forum, I may get a faster reply.

    I'm transferring fund from IB to AMP, "Financial Institution Name" is not long enough to fill in AMP account name, its full name is "AMP Global Clearing, LLC Customer Segregated Funds", I can only fill up to "AMP Global Clearing, LLC Custome", what should I do? Thanks!
  2. Got the answer, waited 30 minutes in live chat.
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    Maybe share the answer here, could be helpful for other traders in the future.
  4. Just fill in "AMP Global Clearing"
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    Sorry you had this delay....
    Just Checked our Customer Service Live Chat specs...we are on it!

    Average Response Time

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  6. Well, I must be VERY unlucky. Last week I tried several times and waited at least 10 minutes each time and finally give up. I did receive a few follow-up emails asking about my experience. Instead of those automate emails, I wish someone could spend one minute reading my question and give me a reply in the emails.
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    @hurricane_sh - please PM your email. Want to research.

    thank you
  8. No need to research, I wasn't complaining, it's not an urgent matter.

    Here is the the transcript sent to me via email. You can see I waited 39 minutes before your support joined the chat.


    Chat started: 2020-03-19 03:37 PM UTC

    (03:37:34 PM) me: I'm transferring fund from IB, "Financial Institution Name" is not long enough to fill in all your name "AMP Global Clearing, LLC Customer Segregated Funds", what do I do?
    (03:38:36 PM) Customer Service: We apologize for keeping you waiting. Our operators are busy at the moment, please leave us a message with your email address and we'll get back to you shortly.
    (04:16:40 PM) *** AMP | Daniel joined the chat ***
    (04:17:06 PM) me: hi, can you see my question?
    (04:18:02 PM) AMP | Daniel: Amp Global Clearing should be fine
    (04:18:19 PM) me: Ok, thanks!
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    Thank you for the data. We will address this with the funds department today. If you ever wait longer than 3min. Just close the live chat and start live chat with the main customer service team.
  10. I was waiting on live chat with Interactive Brokers for 2 hours so 10 minutes with AMP ain't shit... Especially now!
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