Transenterix is a scam! Avoid It please!

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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to report about one "company" You can check its activity here -

    They do not sell robotics how they tell - they sold only 5-6 of it, not more. Check its price os stocks - it is going down, managers of Transenterix want to earn some good moneym bcoz they have stock for 100 millions and after it the price will go down and down. please do not invest here and avoid it. I hope I helped someone
  2. also I can add, that Joseph Slattery received $1.3m when he dumped stocks for 60%. suspiciously
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    That website is so suspect, it's smokin!

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    I just ran into this thread that is not true. I have a large position in TRXC common. Transenterix (TRXC) is not a fraud, but a victim of a seemingly organized short attack. I am happily collecting my 22% annualized from Schwab for loaning out my shares to shorts (my cost basis goes down 5 cents per month on a $2.50 stock).

    It is true sales especially in the US are ramping up more slowly than hoped and only a handful are sold each quarter. It takes time to phase a new type of robotic surgery robot into operating room flow. One reason for the slowness is that new hospital buyers need to hire surgeons that have experience using Senhance before buying. The experience and training take time.

    Leading edge hospitals are starting to advertise the Senhance robot to attract patients. Cost per operation are about the same as very common laproscopic procedures as opposed to the only competitor ISRG that is expensive because it requires instruments get thrown away after 10 uses.

    The resignation of FDA commissioner Gottlieb means new surgical robot approval will be slowed down that is good for TRXC.

    Auris Medical that just has a special purpose lung biopsy robot was purchased by JNJ for $3.4 billion. TRXC market cap is around 600 million.