Transcendental Meditation

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  1. Anyone here practices Transcendental Meditation?

    I tried to look into it and was quite taken aback that it costs $2500 to learn, the method is somewhat seceretive and tightly controlled by the Mahreshi foundation.

    And then this, the critics:

    It does have its celebrity endorsers including the Beatles, Clint Eastwood and of course David Lynch(blue velvet and twin peaks director), who setup a multimillion dollar foundation to teach kids how to do TM.
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    $2500? Well, it's cheaper than Scientology then!
  3. TM is a bullshit commercial reepoff of Vipassana (Insight Meditation), what Sidhatta Gautama, the Buddha, the Enlightened One, the Tathagata, the Blessed One, He Who Has Passed Through, invented and taught. Google it and buy a fucking book and teach yourself for fucking free. With the ape-propriate choice of kasina, the meditation object, it will go fater. If you choose a physical kasina, I suggest your own hard dick, although that is difficult to maintain for a long meditation session. I personally prefer an auditory kasina, my choice being the repeated chanting of the simple word "Fuck!" My own experience was that I achieved the seventh level of Vipassana in about a year. Now I need no internet connection to chart and enter trades. And I never lose. Aaaaaauuuuuummmmm.
  4. Meditation is extremely helpful.

    You do not need to spend $2500.

    If your interest is improving trading performance, consider learning meditation from a trader as specifically applied to trading.
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    Not into to TM, but I do like to relax and feed my brain

    Check out the below link

    There is another I’ve also used – Holosync by Centerpointe – but I like the above better – it’s cheaper overall and I can create my own soundtracks

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    There's nothing to transcend, besides the noise of normal mind.

    Just study Zen -- it has a meditation practice. IMO, it's the most grounded and interesting of all non-positivistic approaches to being in the world. No metaphysics, just your mind and the world.
    For a 8,000 year-old tradition it comports surprising well with modern insights derived from philosophy of science and epistemology.
  7. What about becoming a buddha ?

  8. Study Zen from books ?
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    Sure, or go to a zen center. It's not like Buddhism holds some divine knowledge transmitted by priests. The original gentleman (name never recorded -- some say it was Jason) was all about DIY and not blindly following any authorities, including himself.
  10. I took the TM course over 30 years ago and am certain it was much less than $100. I did not realize that it was still around. I practiced it daily for a couple of years and found it to be valuable. However, I did not like the mantra they gave me to chant silently. It was some Indian word and I did not know the meaning.

    I have studied and practiced many forms of meditation since then and I promise you that it is not necessary to pay so much money to learn how to meditate. There are a lot of excellent books on the subject. My favorite introdutory book and CD is by Wayne Dyer. He also has a fabulous, though more advanced CD with the most powerful meditation techniques I have encountered. You can purchase them both through Amazon:
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