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    There is allready a thread like this floating around, with the exact same letter. I have sent one, but to be honest I do not think this is the best letter with arguments I have seen. IMHO rather poorly written..

    The letter not even one time mentiones how UNAMERICAN this whole idea is, punishing people willing to take a risk in their life. That is what built USA, men and women willining to risk everything in order to pursuit happiness, a human right..
  2. Do you really think signing an online petition is going to do anything?
  3. Done!
  4. I think it would help alot if the author of this letter found a substitute for the word "trader" in the title. Really... it draws attention to the "speculator" contingent the bill is trying to eliminate, and we are trying to make the point it will hurt more than just the speculator, are we not?
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    Investor ( or short-term investor ) would be a good substitute.
  6. There's like 5 threads on ET already. We don't need another.
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    Agree partly,VEG;
    but this letter was planned by a thinker.

    DID you notice it had a way to edit it?????????????????????
    And added to mine- ''We want tax cuts not tax increases. And that bill was introduced with a lie. It punishes main street more than Wall Street.''

    Thanks, hopefully it will help kill that bill.
  8. We don't have enough!
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    Yeah, I did actually notice that. The problem is that I am absolutely horrible at writing letters or anything like that.

    I probably phrased myself a bit wrong in my post. - The letter is way better than anything I can come up with, and it is great that someone is taking such an initiativ. What I ment was that I have red some simillar letters in the past, and the context in those letters sounded much better. An example might be that in this letter, they call us speculators. That really does not sound very good, investors would be much better. But like I said, great initiativ..
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