Transaction Tax Bill has now been introduced

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bullet, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Yeah its ridiculous, its on the purchase and the sale, so basically they are making all americans pay an extra 500 bucks commission on the trade of 100,000. So not jsut short term investors but long term as well, just imagine rebalancing a million dollar portfolio 5k hit its absurd. And they say its negligible.
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  3. This bill would be a disaster for any one who works in private
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  4. Get going writing congress, senators, etc, especially everyone that has their name on this. Bitching about it on ET won't help us, let's get to work and actually make our voices heard and drive them nuts!
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    that is what you get for pissing off long term investors who own this market.

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  6. the smart money will sit quietly on the sidelines ............then buy america at 10-20 cents on the dollar..........
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    Sure, they will be happier now that dividends take a lifetime to overcome commishs and taxes...LOL
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  8. parasitic activities should be taxed accordingly. an economy can not function well when the number of parasites outnumber the number of hosts.

    it is time to turn our economy around by removing most of the toxic parasites that suck up its life and thus free up important resources that can boost the real economy.

    traders should start looking a for a real jobs so they can fulfill their social obligations and participate in the creation of more stable and fair nation.

    i know it is hard to accept this after getting used to make "easy" money without any tangible work or effort, as many of you have done here (myself included). sorry but it is time to get back to work folks. money doesnt fall from the tree anymore.

    vicious criminals like madoff, stanford and many other are just the tip of the iceberg. an entire legion of parasites have been living off the system inefficiencies and have brought the whole world into the abyss.
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  9. Good point , those elders looking for diversificatation and buyin things for divedend, say they want 20-25k a year( my grandfather does) They will lose that much up front getting into the position, and godforbid the companuy goes bad and they need to sell then not only they are hurt by the market but whacked again with the tax!
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    Yes, and probably from somewhere outside the US too as I know I am glad I have two passports given the way that things seemingly intentionally are being fucked up. I say intentionally because can they really be as incompetent as their actions would suggest?
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