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  1. I have a system to scalp Forex at second level. The problem i am facing is to find a way to decrease the transaction cost.. such as spread and commission effect on my trading.. please share .. newbie here..
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    Assuming you are well capitalized, start your own ECN and tighten up the spreads a bit.
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    Whats the size of your account?
  4. My size of my account is just 50k..
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    IB or Dukascopy - go to their pages and run the numbers
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    I have a system to make my fx broker lose money to me.

    Good luck.

  7. Stupid answer,

    Lower transaction could by many ways such as:

    1- rebates
    2-exchange seat
    3-high volume discount

    and i am asking if any more ideas could be applied for a retail trader. Mr Idiot
  8. cstfx


    Are you talking spot or futures?

    Futures: spreads always (99.9%) narrow, costs can be drawn down by seat membership

    Spot: no such thing as an exchange seat! Rebates usually get from bucket shops, except for Dukas (go to cashback forex to read about rebate brokers). With ECN brokers, they have tiered commission levels for volume.
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    Are you talking about currency futures? I never heard of rebates in futures. Have they started that? Exchange seat? Oh, boy, are you that serious? High volume discount? Maybe, but not for the 50K you already said you have bozo.

    Exchange seat...hell with you I wasted my time while NFLX is making new highs you bozo.
  10. Have i mentioned anything about futures .. why stupids are many here in ET. , i mentioned some solutions regardless.. and i was originally the one who asked about and waiting an answer from elites LOL!!.

    I ended up talking with very stupid guys that trying to say everything not polite without a real answer. so please if you dont want to share things .. go out of my thread.. i hate such stupid answers that it will never be useful for any one read this thread

    GO away idiots
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