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  1. Is the reliability back at Transact ?
  2. r-in


    Had 1 data problem in the past few months and thats it for me. It has been keeping up during reports, so I can't complain.
  3. Couldnt find out what they charge a roundturn or who they clear thru?
  4. They are an FCM....they clear themselves.
  5. 5Pill,

    Any idea on their commsions?
  6. Sending you a PM.
  7. One thing I found interesting about that they do some data throttling unlike TT or Dorman Zen Fire. I had to call their tech support to get some contracts added and they confirmed they do some data throttling. Now I am not saying that is the end of the world, but I do notice a slight difference between my TT feed. Everything has it's pros and cons and TA has alot of pros, I am just not sure that throttling is one of them.
  8. What you mean exactly by "data throttling " ?
  9. They way I understand it, and correct me if I am wrong someone, is they slow down at times the speed at which price data can come into the DOM. It seem at times, to lag the TT feed by less than a second. I don't have the ability, at my fingertips, to get an exact millisecond reading, but putting both DOMs next to each other my Ninja Trader with TT seems a tad faster responding to price changes.

    Now in some cases this may be a benefit. TT and Zen could very easily get data bursts which could eat your bandwidth and CPU resources. I believe this may have happened to me months back with Zen Fire when I was trading ZG which at that time was prone to price burst itself. My NT locked up on me and it cost me some money. Both TT and Zen Fire have unfiltered tick data. Maybe an ex IT genus can chime in here?
  10. Interactivebrokers also only updates
    each 0.4 seconds.

    I am not sure about the exact number.

    Where you can get Zenfire ?
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