Transact provides a different data feed for Sierra Chart,... that lags

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Andromeda, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Are there any valid reasons for that?

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  2. TA Dom is excellent, fast and reliable but is very hard to combine Transact with Sierra Chart

    I think this issue needs to be resolved
  3. None of Transact guys here to reply?
  4. joe4422


    They've given up. Their business is going down the toilet.
  5. trendy


  6. Sierra charts seems to be the low cost way for its users to get feed based charts.

    Why would Transact purposely offer a slower version of their feed to Sierra Chart users? Do they? How could this policy be good for Transact?

    I think the only reason I could imagine is that Transact offers their own charting package directly or indirectly. But again at what trade off?

    I do not think that Transact is doing what the OP is suggesting.

    Perhaps they have several servers to manage traffic, but why would one server be configured to purposely lag the market and make Transact look slow?

    Could this be a software issue?


    P.S. It is Holiday time just now and perhaps there will be answers to this on Monday 01/03/11.
  7. Just a heads up......DEMO platform feeds FREQUENTLY lag.

    Set up two REAL accounts (one with Transact AT DOM and one with SC DOM) and then compare feeds (I think you will see them both plotting along equal). :)
  8. Absolutely not

    I have a real account and it's the same thing

    Transact use a different server for Sierra Chart as confirmed here
  9. Take acct shown in SIM and change to LIVE acct.......then re-shoot video.
  10. A different server is not in itself a bad thing......a data flow speed verification in LIVE accts is needed to confirm problems (if any).
    #10     Jan 1, 2011