TransAct offers Ensign and Multi-charts

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rover, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. rover


    TransAct is now providing the data feed for Ensign charts and Multi Charts in addition to Sierra charts and TradeNavigator.:)
  2. Rover,

    Real time data from the cme, cbot, if so how is the reliability?
  3. rover


    I have the TransAct feed for Ensign on CBOT, CME and Eurex and it is actually faster than my other feed which will remain nameless
  4. TGM


    I have used Ensign now for the last couple years and I have come to luv it. I actually dropped CQG. You can actually send orders from it to Excel or other programs (I use Zerolinetrader with IB for my stuff).

    With that said, how are the Transact commissions? I remember using the old Yestrader (the software Transacts is based on) and I thought it was inferior to the TT. But that was long ago. How is it now?
  5. rover


    I am extremely happy with the software. It has come a long way to become user friendly in addition to maintaing its speed and reliability. New features include brackets, trailing stops multi brackets.
  6. Assume there is a backfill feature for intraday data?