Transact Futures + Trade Maven

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by quintrix, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Has anyone ever used Transact + TMaven, recently?

    I'm looking for comments on reliability and stability

    3.90 $ (all in) round turn (E mini) is very very interesting....


    PS.: I have tested the demo and there is a lil lag....but it's only a demo...

  2. I had the same problem with the lag in the demo. I have been told that the real thing does not have this slight lag.

    The commission rate is really good but I believe that if you do less than 360 R/T per month there is a prorated software fee of upto $400.

    I know a couple of ex-floortraders who trade through TransAct using TradeMaven and they say it is the best combo they have ever used.
  3. if the demo lags, why do you think the real thing is any better??? i have heard way too many "broker stories" over the years......
  4. ive been with transact for about a year. maybe they have raised their rates since but i started paying 3.42 and since have joined the 106r program so am paying 1.98 r/t. I really like the guys at transact. the platform does NOT lag and is as quick as TT or the rest and with no downtime on the server. maybe once when they were testing trademaven. I have used trademaven for a couple of months and was NOT at all dissatisfied with it. my style of trading does not give me any edge by using trademaven. so i quit using trademaven, just to save the $100.00 (i used the system trader).
    What was really important to me was Transact's API and was hoping to have it in January but Transact's management just got so busy with bringing Trademaven on line and other things that they put their API off for a bit.
    So Thursday is my last day trading with Transact and am going to Dorman/Bonifitto and am going to use the CTS trading platform which works absolutely fantastic with my API.
    I want to make sure everyone understands. I am completely happy with the relationship I had with Transact. Great Group. But my API can
    improve my trading and increase my edge. so i moved.
  5. I recently opened an account with Transact. I too noticed there was a market lag with the simulator. I questioned them about it, and they acknowledged it exists. But said, it was a separate data feed from the live trading feed, and the CME didn't maintain the feed as well. When I went live, I compared my current platform's data feed to Transact's, and they were identical. So far, I'm very happy with the platform, price and margins. :D
  6. awhile back i made a post about moving from transact to dorman/bonifitto. ive had a couple of pms about who dorman donifitto is. two very old fcms dorman trading and lawrence/bonifitto merged in a new trading company called dorman trading.
  7. On issues of APIs, I would be most interested if Transact (or Dorman etc) would support some of the better 3rd party order mgmt apps like Ninja or Button.

    (Ninja supports PATS API and TWS API afaik. Button only TWS API sofar, but one can still hope :)