TransAct Futures Hires Sabatello as New President

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    CHICAGO, IL (May 17, 2004)—Trading technology vendor and Futures Commission Merchant (FCM TransAct Futures announced the hiring of Gregory D. Sabatello, to serve as the firm’s new president. Bill Noyes, current president, chief executive officer and TransAct’s founder will retain the position of CEO. Sabatello’s appointment is effective as of May 1, 2004.
    “We’ve hired the right man for the job” Noyes related. “Greg’s background in technology development, infrastructure management and disaster recovery are in line with the system stability and functionality that are of paramount important at TransAct.”

    Prior to joining TransAct Futures, Sabatello was a senior executive and Chief Information Officer with global technology company, Comdisco, Inc., where he was responsible for that company's worldwide information technology program, overseeing strategic planning, technical architecture, application development, network technical services, host and distributed computing services, Help Desk services, technical and asset management services, as well as the enterprise disaster recovery and business continuity Plans.
    A 1982 graduate of Arizona State University, Sabatello earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.
    “I’m enthusiastic about the challenges at TransAct,” stated Sabatello. “The elements needed to take TransAct to the next level encompass many of the areas in my background. The flat management structure will be a refreshing change for me; and we will maintain close contact among the executive team. We’ve got a lot of work to do in a short amount of time, but we’re going to take this firm through the roof.”

    About TransAct Futures:
    Veteran Chicago Board of Trade floor trader Bill Noyes launched TransAct Futures in 1998 as York Business Associates. Realizing that exchange volume was rapidly shifting from the trading floors to electronic platforms, Noyes and his team of experienced traders and system developers set out to develop an intuitive trading platform for futures trading. YesTrader, the result of this development initiative, was a joint venture between York Business Associates and a technology investment firm. Launched in early 2000, YesTrader was well received by traders and trading firms alike for its stability and forward-thinking functionality.

    For additional information or a demonstration of the TransActAT active trading platform, contact Richard Markowitz or Bill Zimmerman at 1-877-872-3303 (141 W. Jackson, Suite 240-A, Chicago, IL 60604), or visit
  2. It sounds like you folks are a pretty stable bunch, considering your 24 hr prop-shop operation and your Futures Brokerage service.

    Michael B.
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    Transact Futures Transact Futures

    Thanks Michael. If your in Chicago come on by.
  4. I passed the series 3 and I might want to join your night crew someday. But just now making too much money in my Day Job and trading part-time.

    Michael B.