TransAct Futures Chicago Launch Event @ Cactus

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    If you’re able to make a trip downtown on April 29, we'd like to invite you to the TransAct Futures launch event. Join the gang from TransAct Futures at Cactus, 404 South Wells (across from the Chicago Board of Trade) from 3:30-5:30 on Thursday, April 29. Beer, Margarita’s and food will be plentiful, and there will even be hats!

    BTW, I know that concerns have been voiced within the Chicago Elite group about brokers selling their services at these otherwise social events. This isn't a strong-arm broker event. It's just a meet-and-greet and celebration.

    For those who are unfamiliar, Transact, which has been around since 1998 as a proprietary futures trading firm, has recently entered the retail brokerage arena, making available to individual traders the technology, pricing and support previously reserved for their proprietary group. The firm offers E-Mini trading from $1.71 all-inclusive, an integrated support team that’s able to deftly handle your technology AND account issues, and the TransActAT active futures trading platform (which is available for free to traders executing an average of 18 E-mini round-turn trade per day).

    Please RSVP to and tell us how many will be attending

    If you have questions, contact Rich at 1-877-872-3303
  2. We are a group of seven people, not all Traders ofcourse.

    It will be myself, with my thai wife, my two sons
    along with a daughter from her Ex-husband, and
    two of my rice farm buffalos.