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  1. Considering opening a transact acct and using their Yes software. Looking for post trademaven comments re the firm, rates, and reliability/connectivity of their platform. TIA
  2. I have been demoing their softare, it seems to have bugs, stop limit below market isn't support ( the developer said this). ProActive and Infinity both offer it. When I went to click and drag a target the second time on the same order it didn't work. Not impressed. I am going to demo Photon Trader.
  3. Thanks Dan. Guess the lack of replies says all I need to know about transact and their platform, lol.
  4. No problem. My mentor has been using it for 5 days now, me I used it 2, and the main issues seem to be no stop limit above or below market, like X Trader and NT, and not very intuitive compared to the other two platforms.
  5. Transact is a rock solid platform. Been with them a couple of years. The only problem they had is when they were working with Trademaven.
  6. I think you are talking about Trademaven, because Transact doesn't have a drag and drop feature. And, yes it does have stop limits above and below the market.
  7. No I am not. I am talking about transacts own platform. I would never use TM after all the crap they went through recently.
  8. Well, then you simply don't know how to use the software.
  9. Well then maybe there developer Jim should get it straight. First he told me they don't support it, then he tells my mentor it's only supported on the real platform not the simulator. That's ridiculous IMO. How is a user supposed to decide if they want to trade with something when it doesn't act like the real deal.?
  10. Let me get this straight. Someone at Transact told you their platform does not support stop limit orders?

    Because, if you look just below the blue enter button on my screenshot, you will see a pulldown menu that has stop limit as one of the choices.
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