Trans-Pacific Parnership will regulate future internet. $25k reward for leaked docs.

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  1. The future economics of the internet are being negotiated - but in secret.

    Congressman can go to a room to read the negotiating texts, but may not remove the documents from the room, or even be accompanied by an aide who understands the agreement.

    Now, through "crowdsourcing", $25,000 has been raised for leaking a complete text of the agreement.
  2. This country is a total joke. We the people BS! This country is run by hacks and cronies and it will never change until someone like Ron Paul is elected. Dems and Repubs are the same. They serve their corporate masters. Obama gives crumbs to the poor and Romney will give them to the rich. Nothing will change. I would feel more confident with Julian Assange running the country then these professional liars.

  3. Well, I think there is hope. Look at this situation. You can "crowdsource" funds for getting a document leaked.

    You can easily anonymize your internet traffic with TOR (Google for it, if you don't already know).

    There is an anonymous digital currency "BitCoins", although they've had big problems recently - a bigger player needs to come along and fulfill this need.

    Finally, look at what's got Obama the most upset - whistleblowers. If this wasn't a vulnerability in this government's need for control, we wouldn't have had a big crackdown on whistleblowing. Your opponent tells you where he is most sensitive.

    The internet is freeing information.
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    Well said. On the flip side, the elites can only push so far before Freedom Lovers revolt. And they will.