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    Hi guys,

    I know this is the stocks forum but since there isn't a mutual funds forum I thought ask here.

    Has anyone heard of Tramita Funds?

    All 3 of their funds have pretty amazing returns with fairly low drawdowns. Especially considering the carnage a lot of funds have gone throughout this year.

    Their website looks a little cartoony and makes me a little skeptical....

    Does anyone have any personal experience with them or able to shed some light on the company or their funds?


    - mnx
  2. I am almost all-in Global Fund. China fund shareholder since 2004. Awesome performance, nothing to say more.
  3. tramita real estate fund is doing a great job for my portfolio. I don't like global's sales charge and my transactions activity is low. In 1 year I will hit 0% withdrawal fee.

  4. The long only global mutual fund up 13% in October - When global markets crashed?

    Smells like a scam.
  5. The Tramita Real Estate Fund has more than doubled in the past 12 months going from 155 to 332. I am not aware of any real estate investments on the long side that are even up over the last 12 months, let alone more than doubled.

    I find their historic returns difficult to believe. Who regulates Tramita?
  6. Sep/Oct 08 Newsletter :

    "The news might seem grim all around, but for Tramita Global Fund investors, the clouds have a silver lining. Because the fund includes some short stocks, it is able to gain value when the markets fall. In fact, the Global Fund's net asset value jumped from August 2008's 198.93 to 204.38 for September 2008. Unfortunately, we can't short many stocks due to U.S. government restrictions; if we were allowed to short more stocks, Tramita would be able to get the Global Fund as high as 80% by year's end given market conditions."

    .... "October brought the highest monthly return in the history of The Tramita Global Fund. The fund's index grew 13.67% last month, from $204.38 to $232.50."

    October, in my opinion was the best month to short since Great Depression.

    Take a look for another interesting fund, ProFunds Ultrashort NASDAQ 100 - YTD over 100%. -->

  7. Looks like Makloda was right.

    I remember looking at their site last fall when this thread appeared and the performance numbers looked somewhat ridiculous.

    Any of the guys invested with this place have an update?

    Some guys on the yahoo boards saying they can't get their money out and the attached link doesn't work.
  8. Here is what I can find for news of the Tramita scammers:

    "Friday, August 14, 2009 12:59 PM

    Tramita Funds has finally closed its door for good and disappeared without a trace. If it were not for an empty website and registered domain name, one would assume the company had never existed before. Some questions on the minds of its many investors have been left unanswered. Late last year, Tramita stopped communicating to its investors and redemption requests were unfulfilled. "
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  10. Both Praetorian and Profitseer had not posted in nearly 3 years prior to that post. Nor have they posted since.

    Praetorian was a regular here until he started his fund which closed late last year. I don't know much about Profitseer.
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