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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mama, Jan 21, 2002.

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  1. mama


    The following laughable advertisement appeared in Sunday edition of The New York Times:

    P.S. I wonder what Worldco management smokes these days...

    Wall Street Firm Wants


    Worldco, a leading proprietary equity trading firm, headquartered at10 Wall Street in manhattan, is currently seeking highly intelligent, elite, opportunistic, strategic, and analytical thinkers. Special individuals who are predictive, consistent, cooly disciplined, persistent, focused, intense, brilliant, talented, self-confident, intellectual, energetic, and fast. aggressive, rigorous, and logical students, MBA.s, Phds, dual degree holders, academics, celebrated scholars, chess players and bridge players with strong GPA's from Ivy league or other top universities. background in statistics, math, science, and physics highly desirable.

    experience in quantitative analysis, hedging, financial modelling, computers, forecasting, financial technology, pattern recognition, neural networks, information automation, video gaming, and electronics are advantageous.

    Candidate can leverage these characteristics and experiences, which describe many of the top traders now at Worldco, into a successful and rewarding trading career. Qualified candidates will learn the fundamentals of consistent, profitable trading from trading gurus who will share their expertise and trading genius in this fertile arena. through this optimal mentoring system, you will use contextual arguments and pointed inquiries to understand volatility, and numeric, historical puzzle of the equity markets.

    Traders will use the most sophisticated, technologically advanced execution, quote, and filter systems, and high speed interest access available. This translates into real-time, live, direct and surgical access to the equity to"

    I can't believe that a serious trading institution can write so much crap and's indeed sad who owns daytrading shops...
    Any comments (Hitman's included) wellcome...
  2. Mmm, let's see if I got what it takes....
    1) I can use a calculator to do sums
    2) I prune my garden hedges every week
    3) I can type stuff into an Excel spreadsheet and draw graphs there too
    4) I can switch on my computer
    5) I can take a guess at whether its gonna rain by looking at cloud formations
    6) I can use an online broker
    7) I can recognise cloud formation patterns
    8) Yeah, I got those in my brain
    9) I use automatic gearing in my car
    10) I play space invaders all the time
    11) I can switch on my computer

    Cool, looks like I am in.
  3. Whoa, this sound soooo groovy... this place sounds like the place to be... let's all sign up! I can't wait to be optimally mentored and use contextual arguments and pointed inquiries ... man, this sounds soooo cool.

    Come on dudes, let's go crack that historical puzzle of the equity market... we gonna get dat Nobel prize... yeehaaw!!
  4. As I indicated in my prior post:

    I believe you must meet three requirements before you can trade or be recruited there and they as follows:

    1: you have to have some money to put down
    2: You have to be breathing
    3: You have to have a few fingers to be able press the buy or sell keys.

    Requirement # 3 can be negotiated depending on how much of requirement # 1 you have.
  5. Hitman


    Lies? What lies?

    Every single trader we hire is told straight-up what is offered and what is not, and with the fact that we are one of the few firms that requires little to no capital contribution, what is there to complain about?

    I mean, you know what you are getting into before you start, you get what you put into it, it may not be the most lucractive opportunity there is but I can tell you it is fair and square.
  6. Rigel


    No.3 doesn't apply. You forgot about the Americans with Disabilities Employment Act.:p
  7. Commisso

    Commisso Guest

    I dont have a physics degree or any Phd's :(

    BUT I am pretty good at chess
    And I am sort of the Warren Buffet of Madden and Tekken

    You guys think I would I qualify????

    PEEEEEACE and good trading,
  8. I'm sorry Requirement # 2 can be negotiated with the amount of Requirement # 1 you put down. Thanks for the correction Rigel.

    Hitman have you tried out for the Worlco cheerleading squad. I understand those Pom Poms are adorable.
  9. nitro


    I wonder if this will cause Protrader1 to start taking out adds in the NY Times right next to the Worldco ads ?


  10. mama



    "Lies What Lies?"

    Why don't you read the ad more carefully - that much you can do...I hope...
    #10     Jan 21, 2002
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