Traitor American Presidents

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Which recent US President in YOUR view committed the worst treason against America?

  1. Carter, Iran hostage crisis

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  2. Reagan, 1986 illegals amnesty

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  3. BushFather, kept the mexican border open

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  4. Clinton, opened the door to illegal immigration even wider

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  5. Bush Son, took the illegal immigration door off the hinges

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  1. Which recent US President in YOUR view committed the worst treason against America?
  2. That would be Nixon, you walking fruit stick.
  3. Reagan, for dealing secretly with the enemies of the states.
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    Carter, for allowing America get humiliated by Iran’s Islamofacisists. And Clinton, who completely ignored the explosion of Sunni Islamofacism throughout the 90s because he was too busy getting his knob polished.
  5. Clinton Adim.- for giving the silent go ahead to provide missile guidance technology to the Chinese.
    Thanks to those Aholes, NOW the Chinese can hit their long range targets.


    I missed the treasonous act committed by Nixon.
    Please enlighten!

  6. Carter was just a victim of incompetence in the desert by the great sacred American cow - the military. They're losers and they've let down every administration I can think of - except maybe GHWB.

    Where do you think FUBAR and SNAFU come from? The military IS Lyndie England, and Tilman's killers, and the jerkoffs that couldn't find the medical students, and Mogadishu -- the best will never rise above their lowest common denominators in my eye and
    I'll bet every President, especially W, looks at them at reviews and rah rahs and secretly thinks "Are these cretins going to screw me up?"
  7. Clinton, for being asleep at the wheel while the middle east moved progressively towards fundamentalism. Worst foreign policy mistake since the handling of the soviets in the early years after WWII which allowed them to get the bomb and took half of europe off the map for 50 years.

    Here's a fact - if you TRY to kill someone, you'd better kill them (i.e. Osama bin Laden). A politically acceptable but ultimately unsuccessful cruise missile strike is not the same as a wetworks style black ops mission into foreign territory to ensure your mission's success. I blame Clinton for ensuring 9-11 by missing his target.

  8. And if he was awake the wheel, just what the hell was he supposed to do? Fight them? Convert them? What?

    Battling Islamic fundamentalism - which is to say, battling Islam - is best done with immigration control. Who cares how fundamentalist the ME gets, if they can't come to your country?
  9. I can't imagine anyone more of a traitor than George W Bush, who has openly enabled, encouraged the invasion of the US from Mexico, who takes his orders from Mexico . . . I loved hearing him sing the natl Anthem in mexican . . . he sucks.

    Carter is a close second though with his endorsement of Hugo Chavez, and his stellar work in North Korea in 1994 when he actually went over the head of the Clinton Administration, to earn the title of the Father of the North Korean Atomic Bomb.

    I'd too would also like to know how Steve46 puts Nixon into a list of traitor america presidents.
  10. All those Presidents made mistakes, some more serious than others. Their perfidy pales in comparison to that of the mainstream media however, which have elevated America bashing into a profession.

    I am pretty sure we would not have prevailed in WW II if the current media had been around. We saw what they were capable of in vietnam, when they openly sided with the enemy. Now we see the same thing again.

    They rant and rave that the President should be prosecuted for declassifying documents regarding Iraq WMD and think that whoever revealed the CIA nepotism that sent an incompetent liar to investigate Iraq's attempts to buy uranium should be jailed. At the same time they maintain with a straight face that a mid-level CIA drone should be saluted for revealing highly confidential info regarding CIA prisons. They give once prestigious prizes to the reporters who act as mouthpieces for politically motivated leaks designed to hurt the country's pursuit of the war on terror.

    Bush could make a start on righting his administration by prosecuting those journalists and the leakers. Put them in front of grand juries, immunize them and demand to know who leaked what. If they refuse to talk, jail them. Of course the media would howl, but can Bush's press really get any worse?
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