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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by knowledgebone, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Does anyone out there know any trading firms that have good training programs? I am looking to work under smart people who want to invest in me as a trader and teach me what they know. I know that these might be hard to come by but I figured I would ask a captive audience such as anyone who would click on this thread. Thanks guys.
  2. What firms will teach you is all available online,
    books, magazines, Cds,...

    I came to know that you have to learn on your
    own, and if someone wants to realy teach you
    how to trade will charge you at least $25K,
    Unless he is your brother and very close relative.

    Why? because they Paid their prices (and efforts),
    so they want you to pay them back half the amount
    at least.
  3. seisan


    Yeah, who wouldn't, starting out new... Hopefully, you're not talking about a trading firm hiring you as a new employee...

    First off, are you doing a little background work and skimming through current and past threads in this and other related ET Forums for answers to the many questions like yours?

    And just how much and for how long are you willing to invest in yourself to learn all that you need to know in the long process to become a truly successful trader?

    Yes, there are firms that have good training programs. Hint: You might start reading the through the prior posts of Don Bright, for one. Think like an entrepreneur. Do your homework.

    Good luck.
  4. refco has an excellent training program.