Training Programs

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  1. I recently attended a demonstration day at Equity Trading Capital, and was surprisingly impressed with the schedule that was put together for the day. Upon arrival there was a preliminary class on the trading program the firm’s traders use, Blackwood Pro. Ken McAndrew, the director of training and former Vice President of Morgan Stanley, taught most of the classes. He put together the entire training program himself, highlighting all of the technical analysis and psychology of day trading that is necessary to becoming a disciplined trader. Since the training program is two weeks long, the demonstration day allowed all attendees to sit in on the program for the day. The day consisted of three more classes following the introductory class with breaks in between to get a feel for the trading program and market. We learned how to analyze candlesticks in one class, simple moving averages in another, and a bit of psychology in the final class. Having no prior knowledge on how to day trade, I can gladly say I walked away at four o'clock with a lot more than I expected to learn. Using solely simple moving average analysis I was able to make three (out of four) profitable trades that day. I would highly suggest checking out their website for more information.