Training programs in Arizona?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by cdgtrader, Apr 24, 2003.

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    I am looking for trader training programs at an Arizona firm that doesn't require any capital, some sort of internship or educational program. I know EchoTrade and Bright have offices in AZ, but are there any others? Do any of these firms offer this sort of thing? If not, how does one get a foot in the door at these firms?
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    To be blunt your probably going to "have" to share in the risk if you want a firm to take you on as a "newbie" and that will probably involve you putting up "some" amount of money. It's very difficult for a brand new trader to be handed a chunk of change and some training and then said to "go trade" . Now I know Susquehanna and few firms back east do train traders and back them, but (funny thing) I get resumes from Susquehanna traders each week who have been laid off so who know?

    Now I have been talking to someone in Arizona and we might be opening an office in AZ, but to be blunt w/o you sharing in the risk, I wouldn't back you even with the training program my firm has in place already.

    Not trying to burst your bubble and IF you do get someone to;

    1) Back you with firm/private capital with little or no experience &
    2) Get excellent training, good platform, no desk fee's,, no ticket charges, etc.

    I would jump on it with both hands....but.............don't hold your breath.