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  1. Well, i'v finally done it. I took my 10k account upto 15k and down to 3k. I let distractions get in the way, ie serving in Afghanistan and i'm sure never trying to learn the markets and just play them had a significant role.

    I have received alot of information from many helpful people of ET. Now that I have 3 years left in this wonderful, underpaid lifestyle, I want to learn all I can. I'm trying something different. I'm trying to write down a list of things I need to start learning. While learning, I am going to play the market on a simulation account. If you think I have skipped an important step in learning to trade, please throw it in.

    Basic Candlestick Concepts
    Basic Chart Patterns
    Entry and Exit Signals
    Money Managment
    Basic L2
    Basics of Day Trading
    Basics of Swing Trading
    Trader Discipline
    Developing a Trading System
    Corrolation Between Volume and Price
    Moving Averages
    Basics of Technical Indicators

    If there is anything I skipped, please let me know.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. price action
  3. I see that you didn't bother to take my advice.:eek:
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  6. I disagree with the previous post. Although I am a price action trader as he obviously is, I incorporate volume extensively, and have for years. I have found it to be a huge aid, especially at supp/resis levels.

    I do not use indicators of any kind however as they are all derived from price and lagging by definition. After enough time behind monitors, you will know what the indicators would look like anyway, just by looking at the chart action. Sort of like the guys in the "Matrix" who knew what was happening just by looking at the code.
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    why not take the plunge and sign up for a $2K two-day seminar by several well-known vendors? of course if i name them here i will be bashed but this could be an option to consider.
  8. Because then his account will go from $3K to $1K, and he will be no closer to successful trading
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    Learn from your mistakes:

    Figure out what you did to take 15K to 3K and stop doing that.:)
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