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  1. We are having our seminar Thursday night at 7pm ET.
    Take a look at our website to see our many programs. We offer comprehensive training to new traders with the potential to trade firm capital.
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    Even new traders without putting up any capital ?
  3. yes. We train you our prop methods. Then after you show us how you apply our methods consistently then you trade our capital. If you are already experienced and can show us your trading sheets, we might also consider backing you to trade our capital.
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    OK, so if you show you decent trading records,what deal you

    offer then ?

    At what EUR/USD spreads will I be trading ?
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    Do you use the Currenex platform used by Refco ?
  6. Jimmy Young offers an online course in forex trading for 199 dollars.

    I don't know him, but I suppose he is OK.
  7. We have been burned funding traders that gave us great yet unreliable track records. For now the only way to recieve a prop firm account is either train on a demo at our office or open a matched account so we can monitor your trading.
    For more info on our matched program, e-mail or

    This and other info is addressed at our seminar thursday nights.
    We still have a few seats open for tomm. night's seminar, call 212-232-0170 ext 101 to reserve.
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    What is the average spread on EUR/USD during London and

    NY hours on the two platforms ?
  9. 5 pips in , 5 pips out for traders using FXCM with you

    who need to get out at the market , subject to

    market fluctuations? does FXCM still offer guaranteed stops

    for small orders ?
  10. yes it is always 5 pips with guaranteed stops no slippage.
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