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  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a professional trader who is willing to train new and upcoming traders? Of course, I would pay for it well as long as they have a good reputation of success and are good teachers.

    I would use my own capital and learn their trading style in depth at my own risk. I'd like to spend 6 to 12 months under their tutelage. Would love any feedback, thank you for your time!

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    That's what I do. My approach is statistical correlations and spread modeling, but I do have some clients who take directional flat price risk. I provide trade entry modeling tools, trade position management rules and techniques, and one-on-one instruction via private secure webinar.


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    1. How much would a person pay to be trained?

    2. 6 to 12 months?? If a mentor takes your money and tells you that it will take 6 months to teach you, then you better turn around and run!

    3. (And this may be most important)---You better be careful out here.
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    Isn't that what the cops say to each other before their shift?

    BCOT - Be Careful Out There
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    No. In Chicago and New York they say: Have you got your throw-down with you?

  6. but of course, if the OP wants a trainer who is unafraid of verified/independent/audited proof, this is probably not the direction to go...
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    Joe, at some point in time please grace us with some basic knowledge about trading. You haven't posted one single technical aspect about trading in two years of posting - all of your posts are vitriol. You know nothing.
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    JoeP is also "TraderZones". He is also using the handle Joe4422.

    I've been getting private PMs about it and "Fireplace" spilled the beans on the Feedback forum 'garbage' thread.

    The same guy who was peddling a trading system for a quarter mill and without all of the "verification" he asks of other people. He was also fishing around amongst the membership looking to start up an educational service.

    Read this little gem. Joe4422 has apparently never traded in his life. Stunning. Amazing.

    Joe4422 has absolutely no standing on ET. None.


  9. There are a couple of ways of finding a professional trader to trade your money for you:

    Wait outside an exchange - If you happen to live near an exchange, you can wait outside the exchange at market closing time, and speak to the traders as they are leaving for the day. This may sound like an odd idea, but you will probably find that some of them offer professional trading services, and are willing to trade your money for you.
    Traders' web sites - Professional traders that offer trading services usually have web sites describing their services. If you search the web for trading terms (e.g. professional trading, money management, etc.), you should be able to find some professional traders that will trade your money for you. Note that there are financial companies that offer similar services, but I do not recommend these services. I only recommend that investors invest their money with individual professional traders directly.
    When you find a professional trader to trade your money for you, make sure that you review their recent trading logs (probably available via their web site). You do not need to know why they made the trades that they made, but you do need to know that they are profitable (be realistic about the profit that you expect). If a trader that offers trading services is not willing to show you their trading logs (as is often the case with financial companies that offer trading services), find another trader.

    Conversely, do not expect an individual professional trader to have any extraneous items. The professional traders that you want to invest your money with are not going to have any trading qualifications, or insurance, or business related items. They are professional traders, not business people, and it is their trading that you are interested in, not whether they can run a business or not.