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  1. jem


    In response to the woodie thread I propsose the following.

    1. Real Deal

    A person willing to train in return for a cut of profits. Very tough logistically- Above and beyond the Guru but if you have a real edge this is the way to go.

    2. Legit
    Real time calls verified real time record (by witnesses or documents)

    3. Educators
    For people who do not post real time track records and do not claim to be profitable

    4. Worse
    Make claims but refuse to post records. And have no credible witness testimony.

    Where does woody fit?

    Are there any legit or better services out there right now?

    I think there are but I would like to know.
  2. traderob



    Threei (Vadym) has verified, to a fair degree, his profitablity.

    If you know of a(nother) real deal please pm me.
  3. jem


    I do not know of any individuals right now. I am sure there are some generous traders out there but they are not tooting their horns on the internet. They do not need to. I would consider a salary and a bonus a pretty good indicator of a true edge as well. So I would say Wall street firms and banks are real deals. But how many of their jobs are for real "traders" as opposed to sales. I do not know anymore as I have not kept up with my friends who work on wall street.
  4. They say tango can be learned but it can't be taught. Trading is the same way.
  5. jem


    I have read threei write that he would or he has produced his brokerage statements. That moves him above educator in my mind. But to place him comfortably in the legit category I would like to see his record for the calls in the room. Perhaps soley and all his calls are put in that brokerage account. I do not know.

    I am not calling anyone out. I am just wanting to seeing if someone wants to be a certified as legit trainer/trader or educator.

    Trust but verify
  6. jem


    Puffy. I understand your point. But for few years I was trained and paid a cut and I my business partner and I trained people and were paid cuts. We had about 3-4 years where just about everyone in our office was profitable. As were the large majority of the people in the firm.

    A real edge is very teachable.

    A slight edge needs experinece and capital and a postive mind set. In my opinion.

    And no edge requires b.s including, lots of talk about pychology.
  7. Jem

    You,ve just about said it all and particularly the part about psychology.
  8. dbphoenix


    Not sure what the point of the thread is, whether to spotlight mentors or to expose clay-footed gurus. Every guru has a cult following, and I assume that everyone but the greenest of the green understands that these chat rooms have little to do with learning how to trade and even less to do with increasing profitability.

    Generally speaking, the greens deserve whatever they get. Hopefully, those who don't will figure out what's required of genuine trading competence before they lose all their money.

    But you never know . . . :(
  9. T-REX


    I offered the same thing but would never do so again here at ET.
    Teachings monkeys to trade is one thing but try to teach an idiot is another.:(

    I do not need to waste my time in that way.
    I don't think that there will be anymore "FREE" teachers here at ET because of the flaming and bashing that goes on while the moderators do nothing to stop it from occurring.

    Best of luck finding them.:confused:
  10. Do you plan on training people again ? There will be a great interest in this .
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