Trailing stops now at IB

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by ddefina, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. ddefina


    "Trader Workstation Trailing Stop Orders and Island 1/10 Cent Order Entry
    You asked for it, and IB delivers. As of August 1st, you will be able to enter trailing stop orders with "Smart" order routing, and enter 1/10 cent pricing for Island using Trader Workstation. Although trailing stops have been introduced because of demand, IB does not encourage the use of trailing stop orders as they create a false sense of security, and accentuate volatility in rough markets. A new version of TWS, revised User's Guide and updated release notes will be posted just prior to implementation by August 1st."
    :) :) :) :)
  2. vinigar


    hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe what I am hearing....great news Def!!!!!!! Now when there is a power outage or software failure or other unforeseen problems I will be able to breath a lot easier. I can hardly wait!!!! Great news....great news.:)
  3. machine


    Does it happen often with IB?
  4. vinigar


    IB supplies daily bulletins....they point blank tell you if the problems is theirs or if it is someone experience is this....once in a while it is IB fault....usually it is not their fault...I have suffered through power outages at home and loss of cable feed at home. My personal experience with IB has been great...I live on the west coast of Florida which is the lighting capital of the world...we have frequent power outages...I have back up battery system now...but that still does not help you if the cable goes out.
    Trailing stops is a god send to me. IB warns you of system problems and tells you if it is on there end or not....this is far better than many brokers I know of who do not tell you a damn thing but leave you completely in the dark. I thought about switching brokers simply because they did not have trailing you'll have to use a big crow bar and jack hammer to get me to move.:)
  5. Babak


    Time to make some additional offerings of thanks at my IB shrine.
  6. "Does it happen often with IB?"

    Every single day. Many times a day.
  7. Spark


    what is the source of original news? Is it posted in IB's page?
  8. Speedtrader and tradeportal have had trailing stops for a long while now. With IB jumping on the bandwagon I am not impressed.

    But anyway it is good to see that IB is evolving into a fine platform. Can't knock it if its good.

    Hey dow 5000 anyone? Shorts are not only for the summers anymore.

    By the way no Benjamincapital will be its own b/d soon be.
  9. Spark


    yes i got email from IB that mentions about the original news posted in this thread. that's a great feature with IB's TWS. trailing stop and 1/10 cents what i was looking for!

  10. I disagree.

    Occasionally, there is an outage and when there is the application attempts to login automatically again.

    The outages are few and far between and virtually negligible when you consider everything IB has to offer.

    The largest outage I had was when the internet went down because UUNet's network went down. Wasn't IB.
    #10     Jul 23, 2002