trailing stops in e minis

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by gongish, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. gongish


    besides bracket trader are there trading platforms out there with trailing stops for the emini's? if so which, and who offers it?
  2. tws has a trailing stop option. You can enter it as a separate order, or combined as an auto stop with a limit. It is not however available as an option with the tws bracket trade.

    If you're having trouble reading the market, all you have to do is enter a trailing buy and a trailing stop. Then just sit back and pray that retracements are not retracements at all but full blown reversals.

    That's the great thing about revival tents. If prayer doesn't work you can use them as homeless shelters.
  3. Whamo


    :D VERY funny comment Profitseer!!
  4. gongish


    i just read in a thread "ib's future stops," that the auto trail feature doesnt work well. has it worked well for you?
    im actually interested in using it to exit, not enter a position.