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  1. Which retails firms have the best features of trailing stop loss? By best, I mean being able to execute the orders quickly. By best I also mean not having the order taken by a market maker who sees the stop loss order to take it. I always use mental stop but wanted to have some feedbacks for some of my friends who don't watch the market all day long.
  2. Cyber has a feature that lets you enter the stoploss into the platform, but only activates when the market reaches it. You lose any seniority you might have had, but you are relieved from wondering if you were picked off.
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    Many brokers are offering trailing stops. By nature of their definition, they would be held at the broker level on their servers - i.e. they would not be sent to the exchange before they are triggered.
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    Not CyberTrader! Their trailing stop sits on your computer so if you get kicked for any reason (either by your ISP or by Cyber) or even if your computer simply hiccups you lose your stop.