trailing orders now available on IB?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by allesim, Nov 10, 2001.

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    Dear def

    I read in a previous thread that at IB, 'trailing orders' are now available (intraday day only, not GTC)

    Is it? If yes how are they implemented? Same as terranova-mb or cybertrader?

    Two weeks ago I got a reply from helpdesk that trailing will be implemented in future, not now...

    TRAILING ORDERS: e.g. suppose I am long xxx shares MSFT.
    Placing a trailing sell order with offset of 0.5 means that a sell market order is issued if MSFT loses 0.5 from current price.
    If instead MSFT rises, the selling price is readjusted, accordingly.
    TRAILING ORDERS IMHO are terrific to maximize profit and optimize the timing for exiting a position.

    Posted by Babak on 08-06-01 03:49 AM:
    9]trailing stop losses (as a compromise only exist intraday)
    10]stops (buy/sell, whatever) that get triggered w/o lags
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    i haven't heard anything new. if there was a change of heart it would be news to me given the chairmans commnents against them (you can read his comments on management letters from the IB web site).