Trailer Trash Trading

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  1. I am the red-boned hound underbelly of trading. I do not aspire to trading riches, because I know "the wages of sin is death." At least that's what we poor people say to make a virtue of the vice of poverty. After all, did not our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ vigorously and virtuously scourge the Jew moneylenders from the Temple? So I seek not to make more money trading than I need to pay for my bare gravel lot in the scorched trailer park and to make the child support payments to my three ex'es. And to feed Rufus, my beloved hound who slept with me faithfully all the years when my cheating wives wouldn't. If you are not to proud to learn from an unreconstructed white trash Southerner, I will teach you here how to make just enough money trading not to lose your food stamp benefits or your disability payments. Yee, Haw!
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    Lol, nice.
  3. Nice? Nice? The preacher man's wife is nice. Trading be down and dirty done the way I'll teach you! Like the preacher man's second daughter.
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    Plz post pics of your trailer park home. So we know it's real, have a paper saying ET on it in the pic. Lol
  5. Are you tawkin' down ta me? Ah think you is takin' down ta me! Ah bet yew live in a fine home with a lawn (mos' people have a yard, but not evvaboddy has a lawn). Try livin' on a bare gravel plot. Yew have bushes on your proppetty? Oney bushes here is on tha trailer trash wimmen. An' Jose the yardman doan trim 'em. Least not while they men folks is home. Ah'm guessin' yew ain't impressed with makin' fifty greenback ('at's US) a day net tradin'. Fifty dollah enuf ta keep the wife fum mekkin' yew look fo wurk! Bes' part is, oney takes fiteen seconds a day ta do it! An' at's afore yore mornin' boner is gone south! Trade all day? Kiss ma ass! Got bettah thangs ta do! Chase squirrels (bofe kines)! Pick through rich folks trash. Go a liftin' at WallyMart at peak hour. Go a peekin' at tha fat rich ladies 'at gets up late an' takes bubble baffs. All befo tha rabbuts get a snared in tha traps.
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    Cute, real cute. This would have been better if you were for real.
  7. well first of all, they weren't money lenders, even though that's what your Christian Bible calls them. They were forex traders. People came from all over to go to the temple in Jerusalem on the high holidays. They all had their own base currency, and the temple only accepted shekels, so you had to get it exchanged.

    and secondly, the only way you can trade and get food stamps is to keep your account in somebody elses name.

    and thirdly, I like a good laugh, why don't you post something funny so I can have one?
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    You sound offended.
  9. OK. Slowly, and in Standard English, so you can understand, what part of me do you think is not real? Spit that silver spoon out of your mouth and reflect. Do you know how many educated people in El Sud Nueve started out as trailer trash (if not unnecessarily white)? Do you know how many of us under Prince Obama's tender care went from white trash to white trash in three generations? Saw the value of our part-time work funded state college educations invalidated by cheap turd world labor? I offer a way out of that trap. Where I live, fifty bucks a day US makes you a king.
  10. no, just disgusted, I know how we talk out here, and it would be like me trying to sound funny talking like I think a New Yorker talks.

    There are a lot of subtleties to colloquialisms

    same thing, go to Texas and try to say, Y'all
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