Tragic accident takes Bennet Sedaka

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  1. slipped and died??? dear godd...
  2. Wow. He was one very, very gifted and perceptive manager. An unbelievably sudden way to die.....
  3. A true genius and genuine nice guy.

    Every day is a gift, anything can happen, stay well friends.

  4. It's like the Natasha Richardson skiing accident ... life is pretty fragile, when you think about it.
  5. I'd never heard of Natasha Richardson until this week. My first thought was, "did she play Tim Allen's wife on Home Improvement"? Wrong Richardson. And one of RFK's kids died skiing around the same time as Bono-the one who was doing his au pair. :)

    I've never skied but I gather it's a pretty dangerous sport. I do walk down stairs a fair amount though so Sedacca's death really strikes home. Hope it wasn't St. Patty's Day related....
  6. here's an interesting article about how minor head injuries can be more serious than they appear

    blood can be leaking into your brain without you initially being aware of it

    Important to watch for signs of brain injury: Nausea, severe headache, glassy eyes
  7. Jesus H, I hadn't heard about Richardson either. A leading audio magazine just did a feature on her husband Liam Neeson and their home theater.

    I'm hearing bad things about good people but nothing the other way.
  8. Welcome to the depression, said he.
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