Traffic court tomorrow morning.

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  1. Wish me luck.

    I went against a "Do Not Enter" sign at the Shady Grove Metro station down a bus lane. Busted along with about a bajillion other people. I literally didn't realize what I'd done until it was too late. I was just there to pick up my daughter and I had only been there one time before, about 8 years ago.

    That's what I'm telling 'em in court. We'll see if they do anything for me.

    I'm like this. I could have just paid the fine and taken the point (yes, it's one fucking point on my license). But I want my goddamn day in court. I want the fanfare, the stand, the judge in his black robes. I want them to earn the court costs I'll pay them anyway.
  2. Good luck.

    Personally, I would have hired a lawyer, never spent a minute worrying about it or one minute in court. I don't need justice, I don't need to see the system in action, I just want to be on my way.

    My best ticket was passing a marked patrol car on a double yellow line (I was behind this guy who was driving too slow and the sheriff was in front of him - whoops), reduced to parking on pavement. $275. woosh, never had my day in court and that's my story.
  3. I'm probably overreacting; the total fine, fees and all is $90. It's that point that bothers me the most. I've never had one.
  4. LOL.

    My plan was to plead guilty and angle for a reduced sentence.

    However, the arresting officer didn't show up, so I plead not guilty and walked away with no record, fine or court costs whatsoever.

    Even if the officer *had* appeared, I would have most likely been granted a PBJ (probation before judgment). So after a probationary period, I would have had no record.

    Still, I've been strutting around the office all morning telling everyone, "I'm da fuckin' man!"
  5. OHHH!!

    you are what women call a bad boy

    i'll bet you get laid a lot :D