Tradovate Integrates Collective2

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    Tradovate is pleased to announce a partnership with Collective2. With this partnership customers of C2 can now trade futures strategies with Tradovate commission-free with Tradovate’s flat fee pricing. In addition, traders on Tradovate now have the ability to publish their trades to C2 automatically and become a trade leader.

    Learn more about Tradovate with Collective2 Integration

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  2. Does Tradovate have any plans to allow spread margin? I like how Tradovate offers straightforward and transparent pricing for trading the front months. If I am going to commit to paying a monthly subscription fee then I need access to spread orders and spread margin.

    One more question, have you added a Time & Sales window to show the Prints in the Tradovate Platform yet? Not being able to see my fills seems odd to me.

    Aside from that I like what I see.