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    I'm interested in this course. Please send me a message or email with an asking price.

    Thank you!

  2. Don't bother taking the course...Save your 5K for your trading account
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    The silence is deafening! conclusion: zoo is for monkeys only.
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    ? It is a tape reading technique.
    I'm reading a book about it, but I need more information to reduce a learning curve by learning from who actually got it.

    So, anyone?

  6. Poker T,

    There are several Trading Zoo threads over the years if you did a quick search you could read. They always end the same way. The Trading Zoo people can not and have not proved that they make any money trading. But they will rant about how they make there 1.5 points a day before the open and they are done, which is great, if they could prove it.

    I told the Trading Zoo I would purchase there course, if they could provide me with account stmt's. They said I would have to sign a non diclosure etc..etec.. I said okay and I am still been waiting for the accout stmts and its been two years..

    So buyer Beware of the Trading Zoo.

  7. The shills from the Zoo are back again BTW stop Spamming my email account
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    > Spamming my email account
    Dude, I've never sent any email to anyone on this site.
  9. No am I talking about your firm the Trading wank Zoo hitting my gmail account with Spam tell your boss to leave it out you twats are as bad as Kingfish
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    Ok, may be someone has more information about tape reading?
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