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  1. Personal experience with the TradingZoo,
    I wish this correspondence will bring some mutual respect into the trading community,

    Or Freeman

    RE: Thank you

    Or, you can post this if you care, but be forewarned that those in the forums will refuse to believe it and accuse you of being a shill. The negativity of those forums against services like ours is thicker than London fog.

    Take care.
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    Thank you so much and I appreciate your sincerity and Integrity,
    I’m overwhelmed and would like to reward you if you may.

    I would like to post this correspondence in major traders forums,
    so that people would know really your true value. Besides that
    I know your are the best!!!

    I am your friend and I wish we will join forces soon,

    With love,

    Have a great weekend and let me know your decision.

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    Or, thanks for those kind words. It really means a lot to us.

    There are so-called trading gurus out there who would tell you to kill your first born to pay for their services. They only care about taking your money and not your success. You are correct in your thought process--do not take a bank loan to pay for our membership. If you are not adequately capitalized in this business, the pressure to perform--and in this case also pay a bank loan--will put to much of an emotional burden on you. You have to have a clear head and the right attitude.

    We are here for the long haul. When you get ready we will welcome you with open arms.

    MP & kelski
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    Subject: Thank you
    Good Morning Kelski, MP

    I wouldn’t be with you today, it’s my daughter’s daddy day, I am divorced and I see her once in a while – I would have liked to part from all of you.

    I would like to take this moment for a sharing about my current situation and would be happy to hear especially MP’s feedbacks about it.

    I have started paper trading (demoing) on April 2007 on the FOREX market since for my finance situation in life today I am like a newborn

    Starting from point zero And it seems suitable for the amount I can risk (~$1500 is all my risk free equity).

    My business plan was to trade the FOREX market and gradually explore other markets , this was true until I met you guys…

    Coming to meet you guys especially MP and the S&P500 have made a total paradigm shift in my brain cell and I got very excited(I know that’s not

    good news for me) and find it difficult to continue with my original business plan with FOREX.

    Since this tourist week I have been thinking a lot about how to manage start trading with you guys on the S&P500 and pay the tuition fee.

    It came to a point where I planned taking a bank loan in order to start trading with you.

    After MP’s talk yesterday I felt that my view as a trader matured, I felt very strongly that I am not sure if taking this bank loan is a good plan and I

    would be happy to hear from MP’s experience and wisdom about it.

    Few thoughts of mine why it may not be a good plan are,

    - Getting a bank loan is not to be considered is a risk free capital, since I will be committing to monthly payments to return this loan

    - I have no assurance I will be making profits from day one which might be stressing while having a monthly payment to the bank

    In spite of that, One thing that I do know is that I am going to be a professional trader and that’s because I love it, and I am passionate about it,

    it fascinates me and I am willing to do what it takes to become a professional successful trader.

    I think that’s about it… Kelski, MP, thanks again for this enlightening tourist week and please count me in with you (scholarship?) –

    I wish you success and that I could grow up with you guys taking the right decisions – making the right choices.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Or Freeman

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