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  1. Since I do not code myself I am perusing the "Tradingview Public Library". There are 8000 indicators and strategies there. I have spent hundreds of hours of enjoyable testing.

    Some say there is nothing there of value as no one would share that for free.

    I beg to differ. There is no way anybody can control what instrument, timeframe, time of day, chart type...etc would not work.

    I have tinkered around with combinations and stumbled upon some really great systems that I am trading live in the MNQ. Sometimes you got to combine two systems to get confirmation.

    Have any of you found this to be true for you?

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  2. Can't claim to have found The Holy Grail, but I can say that public/freely available stuff can often be miles superior to what's included with, say, the TradeStation platform.

    This doesn't surprise me at all, since I've spent years in the Open Source community, and have grown used to (as well as have created) professional-quality software that works far better than anything commercially available - and is free.
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    Can it core a apple?
  4. Hehe. Guess what your Mac is actually running under the covers?
    (It's not precisely Linux, but Apple gave up on their trashfire of an OS and put a pretty skin over a somewhat different UNIX derivative.)

    Besides, yeah - you can have the real thing if you want it. :)
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    Tradingview is cool, you know I might just try to get something going with that because they have intra-day spreads, but (it's not free) you have to subscribe to the data feeds and the website.

    ThinkorSwim thinkScript is a free programming language for building studies and is very powerful. You can download free studies online very easily. There is a big open source community providing code and scripts for ToS users.

    Here is an example of one that I made. It builds and charts a polynomial regression on the target instrument, then below the chart displays the same instrument detrended against the regression average. Finally, there are a pair of staggered (overlapping sample) moving averages applied to that and viola! You have a denoised, momentum measured, price process that is easy to interpret visually.

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    You kinda' missed the joke. Will clarify that on next VOX. :)
  7. so kewl...nice work! With your talent in a few weeks you might share some new Tradingview stuff here or in the public library for us all to make money with! People like you should get Tradingview free...

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    Way too many big words. But sounds like indicators (which I have an allergy toward).
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    The thing that is cool about that is that the robots and automated algos that are trading this type of stuff are using the exact same system to predict the price.

    You know how I know that?

    Because it is too hard for normal traders to do.

    That chart shows the cash value of a basket of futures containing

    Dow Jones Index Futures
    Ultra Long Treasury Bond Futures
    Russell 2000 Futures
    15-25 Year T-Bond Futures

    It is scalping this basket all day during regular trading hours. Think about that.

    It knows the exact cash value of a risk adjusted basket of index and rate futures and is offering liquidity on it in real time. Down to the millisecond!

    This is the type of system that they hire quants to build, benchmark, overhaul, maintain, and measure.
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    The biggest community is for MT4. Tradingview is not even close. There are really great modern tools found in or I use MT4 for S&P500 CFD charting and trade /ES using Rithmic.
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