Tradingview + IB/ Orderentry Panel?

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  1. I like Tradingview most for charting and am at IB. I need a recommendation for the fastest order entry when using this combination for daytrading stocks. Using IB´s mosaic or classic view takes too much time for placing an order.
    I didn´t want to use a further chart platform like Medvedtrader, Ninjatrader ..... What about Bracket Trader? It´s order panel is similar to Scanz or DAS. Maybe i should use IB´s booktrader. I would appreciate some recommendations or experiences.
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    IB and TradingView intergration has been in beta since April.
  3. I know. But in the meantime?
  4. Nothing happened. They've been working on this for years.

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    Use booktrader
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    Is there anyone using Bracket Trader? I am in need of some information.

    Many thanks...
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    This may have stated working on Friday according to Reddit posters.
  8. Do you mean IB + Tradingview?
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