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  1. GotherL


    Does anyone know why they're so many flat doji lines everywhere like the ones when a ticker halts. I also use trade ideas charts and I don't see nearly as many of them so I know something is not right.

    I am not sure if I upgrade to pro if it fixes this but it does say twice as many data is not available for free members so maybe that is why.
  2. bpr


    not liquid enough ...
  3. GotherL


    So that means only 1 or a few trades were making those flatline patterns? As I said thou I use trade ideas and I only see like 1/3 of those on the same ticker (PETZ) so I think it has something to do with me being a free member or my chart settings.
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  4. GotherL


    I don't think that is the reason. If you look at ticker symbol petz on tradingview the stock went from $23 to 29$ on flat doji's. Now I can understand no candlestick forming if the price stayed around the same but on a 20% jump on a non-micro stock that hardly makes sense.

    Also, if you look at biggest green volume bar at around 11:20 am. It formed a flat doji instead of a gravestone or dragonfly. Which leads me to think something is messed up with their charts.

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  5. Metamega


    Curious as to maybe it's just showing those traded on BATS exchange since I see BATS labelled up top beside the ticker .
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  6. GotherL


    Yes, I just realized Bats have less market data generated so that could be the problem. I am looking into it now.
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  7. GotherL


    Did some digging and apparently after you go pro you'll need to subscribe to additional market data otherwise the only data you see comes from bats. GJ on spotting that for me.
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  8. zooey


    You're right, even the Pro Plus subscription only includes BATS data -- you have to pay extra for real-time markets on top of the subscription. I found out the hard way.

    I really like TradingView charts, BUT… they have deceptive practices on some of their offers. I’ve been a Pro subscriber for almost 2 years, and I just upgraded to Pro Plus to have access to the new extended hours feature for charting. Too late I discovered that even with the upgrade, Pro Plus still uses BATS data, so…. I have to pay even more $$$ for real-time data in each market that I want to use with the extended hours feature. You have to pay a small monthly fee for each real-time market (NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC, futures, other countries, etc.). So the 4 US markets, not including futures, would be an extra $8/month. To add all the other markets, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars (each month). But if you have an account with a CQG-powered broker, most of these real-time markets would be included. TradingView doesn’t make it clear up front that once you upgrade to Pro Plus you still have to pay more to use the extended-hours feature and other real-time-related features. You have to discover it yourself -- too late -- and they don't give refunds. But back to the charting… they have some great chart drawing tools and tracking features. Just beware of occasional deceptive practices in their pricing. The only reason I upgraded to Pro Plus was to have access to more alerts and extended-hours charting -- well I got more alerts, but I don't think that alone was worth the upgrade price.
  9. wrbtrader


    What's the cost of the everything you want @ CQG versus the cost of the same data at Tradingview ???

  10. Sprout


    Having a a supported broker brings the real-time data down to $15/mth for CME bundled. TV waives their data fee.

    Tradingview bundled with Tradovate is a pretty compelling value proposition.
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