TradingView Black Friday offers

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  1. Same as every year:

    -40% on Pro subscriptions
    -50% on Pro+ subscriptions
    -60% on Premium subscriptions
    + an additional free month on each subscription

    Unfortunately, TradingView has still not managed to enable direct trading via Interactive Brokers. We might have to give them a couple more years... :D

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  2. SunTrader


    Is that before or after TWS gets a real upgrade, or better yet total trashing and replacement?
  3. qlai


    Sane goes for market data, right? It says that I have to pay market data fees.
  4. So far, both platforms are independent of each other. If you want real-time market data on both IB and TV, you need to subscribe and pay for the market data on both platforms separately.

    Once the integration is complete, you will only need to subscribe and pay for the market data on one of the two platforms.
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  5. Just got the premium. They do this most years so can just keep rolling it over.
  6. mervyn


    I don’t like to pay for data and charts that I already paid for at other brokers.
  7. Previously, with Pro+ it was possible to use TradingView on two devices at the same time and on five devices at the same time with Premium. I can't find anything more about this on the comparison page Do you know if this is still the case?

    And does this also apply if you subscribe to additional real-time data (from NYSE and Nasdaq) or is it then limited to one device at a time (due to exchange regulations?)?