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  1. Here is the regisrty information on the website,

    Administrative Contact:
    Rivera, Jonathan
    21 Alturas de San Jose PP8
    Sabana Grande, PR 00683
  2. huby


    Does anyone have any further experience with this site?

    He has an interesting method of calling trades. You can watch his desktop live while he trades. I have not taken the trial but it would be interesting to see if the posted results match up with what he does live. The videos look good and so far his 2009 results are great.
  3. hugo6174


    I was in his room for 5 days and he posted the correct results for the 5 days i was there but he wants 500 a month which is way too much money to pay for a trading room...i also asked him if he would just sell his trading method and he wanted $10,000 for it

  4. Hello First time poster.

    I was in his room for 4 days, 2 winning days were posted correct BUT the 2 losing days were posted as WINNING days .....SCAM
  5. hugo6174


    It looked like he was just using some moving averages to trade with...all I could do was laugh when he told me how much he wanted for his system...he also told me his friend stole his system and now lives in a big house and drives a Mercedes...LMAO