TradingSolutions 2.0 T/A w/neural network. Anyone tried it?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Gravestone Doji, Sep 17, 2002.

  1. I've been looking into several software programs that use neural networks and genetic algorithm technologies with traditional technical analysis.

    Most are costly but was wondering if anyone has ever tried these guys' software.
  2. babaorum


    Their product apparently doesn't support intraday data but only EOD data.
    I don't know any product that support intraday data with GA and NN capacities except Quantstudio which is unfortunately not mature yet.
  3. BKuerbs


    Have a look at Neuroshell Trader

    They seem to offer what you look for. I have never used that program nor do I know anyone using it.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  4. Don't know of the other programs, but I did purchase the rather pricey VantagePoint product from Lou Mendelsohn. Honestly, after days and weeks of study, I can not see the benefit. I've attempted to look at the data from every angle, but I don't see any advantage whatsoever over "ordinary" indicators and methods. Plus, I was offered the software at a HUGE discount, which should have told me something in the first place. The software is supposed to predict tomorrow's high and low, as well as what the 4 day moving average will be 2 days in the future, and what the 10-day MA will be four days in the future. They claim 80% accuracy, but I don't see how on God's green earth those figures could be accurate. But what the hell do I know? Maybe the other programs work like a charm. Whatever works for you is key. Point is, I don't see neural networks helping out any more than good old fashioned diligence, be that with fundamentals, techincals, or the alignment of the moons of Jupiter. Happy trading.