Tradingsim best stock simulator (1 year license)

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  1. GotherL


    Regular price is $239 for a yearly license. This is the best and most realistic simulator that uses the exact same charts from Tradingview so if you use tradingview or plan too that's a plus.

    I've used exactly 1 month from this post from the 1 year license so the lowest I'd go is about $140. This is an highly sought after training software.
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  2. wrbtrader


    Do you offer a free trial too just like Tradingsim ?
  3. GotherL


    No, why would I offer a free trial? I ain't selling the product I am transferring the 1 year license.
  4. wrbtrader


    Tradingsim offers a free trial for the user to see if they like it or not.

    How would the user know if they like it or not by purchasing the product from someone that does not offers a free're just "transferring" the license.

    Yet, I can understand if someone has prior tested the product & free trial in the past but decided to not purchase the license and are now reading to do such.

    Actually you are selling're selling it for a cheaper price. If you were not selling it...give it away for free. :D
  5. 777


    Does Tradingsim offer

    Tiki ($Ticki)

  6. GotherL


    Idk, I don't even use indicators but it has a bunch of them. Looking at the list I see that it does have VWAP. It probably is there I just don't know what to look for. There charts are really clean, the best I ever seen. I can give you a screenshot.


    Video incase you wanted to see it in action.

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  7. GotherL


    Nah it's not my place to offer free trials. All I can say is it's a great investment if your in need of a training simulator. You won't likely regret it.
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  8. Cflexx


    I pm'd you GotherL
  9. GotherL


    Still selling.
  10. GotherL


    Ok not getting any serious offers yet so I assume maybe the price isn't attractive enough. I am willing to make it $100 even. (Gamestop gift card code only.) Can purchase one online.
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