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  1. Has anyone ever tried one of these to improve their trading skills?
  2. you can get a one on one trading seminar with Tim Sykes for like 3k......LMAO
  3. they mostly exist to vacuum cash out of attendee's pockets.
  4. Usually the free ones aren't worth the price of admission, let alone those that charge.
  5. congoboy


  6. Depends on who is putting it on.

    Vendors are usually teasers. Here is what we teach in our paid presentations so send money

    Brokers may have something useful

    CME Globex etc: Depends on what you are looking for.

    You might pick up on one little thing that may help. Again it depends on what ekse you have got to do with your time.

    Over the years I have sat through a few that were put on by brokers and trade shows and found that I have found a little something useful in most.